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What is National NNEDLearn?

NNEDLearn is a unique opportunity to build skills in evidence-supported and culturally appropriate clinical, consumer, and organizational practices. The NNEDLearn Model supports implementation of new practices and programs in communities by including: pre work, on-site training, and participation in post-training follow up for six months as a "virtual" community of practice.

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What is a NNEDshare?

NNEDshare is a collaborative space to share resources and intervention efforts to improve the delivery of behavioral health care interventions in diverse populations, learn about resources and innovative community efforts across the county, and connect with others to learn from you and support your efforts.

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National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

The NNED and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) have been partnering every year on a series of webinars and Twitter chats celebrating the month.

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What is a NNED Community
of Practice (CoP)?

NNED Communities of Practice (CoP) are professional development opportunities for NNED Members to receive training on a specific promising practice that can be implemented in diverse communities. Members will ‘meet’ regularly using virtual learning platforms to receive training, discuss common practice challenges and successes, and share information about strategies and resources.

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Forum Calls

NNED Forum Calls are one time online events where experts will present on a specific topic in their field. These online events are available to all NNED members and only require a brief registration.

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What are NNED Learning Clusters?

NNED Learning Clusters consist of small groups of community-based organizations that come   together around a shared priority issue. Best practices and evidence-based strategies and programs that emerge from these consultative sessions and follow-up discussions are developed into products that can be tested in research models and disseminated with technical assisstance throughout the NNED.

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